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A distinctive pictures collection of solid wood bookcases with glass doors & wooden bookcases furniture custom handmade from solid teak wood and mahogany in antique reproduction furniture styles.

Unique Biedermeier open wood bookcases furniture, display cabinets, showcase furniture, bureau bookcases, and Italian wood bookcases furniture.

All these antique reproduction wooden bookcases and display cabinets come direct from Emporium Indonesia, Indonesian furniture manufacturers, at wholesale, discount and affordable prices to the trade. Click on the pictures of our solid wood bookcases for an enlarged view.

Contact us for further details on our wood bookcases: Wholesale Furniture Contact.

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Wooden Corner Cabinet Empire Display Cabinet Wood Bookcase Secretaire Bookcase

RF-BD 020
Wooden Corner Cabinet

RF-BD 022
French Empire Display Cabinet

RF-BD 024
Wood Bookcases

RF-BD 025
Secretaire Bookcase

Armadio Normale Armadio Calatoia Italian Bookcase Open Glass Display Cases

RF-BD 026
Armadio Normale

RF-BD 027
Armadio Calatoia

RF-BD 029
Italian Bookcase

RF-BD 034
Open Glass Display Cabinet

Country Style Bookcase Federal Bookcase Antique Replica Bookcase Breakfront Bookcase

RF-BD 037
Country Style Bookcase

RF-BD 040
Federal Bookcase

RF-BD 046
Antique Replica Bookcase

RF-BD 048
Breakfront Wood Bookcase

Empire Breakfront Abbatant Biedermeier Biedermeier Book Cases Biedermeier Antique

RF-BD 050
Empire Furniture Breakfront

RF-BD 053
Abbatant Biedermeier

RF-BD 054
Biedermeier Furniture

RF-BD 055
Biedermeier Antique Bookcase

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