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Page 3, featuring teak wardrobe armoires, armoire furniture, antique reproduction armoires, wardrobes & showcases at Emporium Indonesia. Most of our solid hard wood bookcases, armoires furniture, and wardrobes come wholesale to the trade in a choice of teak wood and mahogany wood.

Great attention to detail is paid in the wood carving and overall design of our teak wardrobe armoires furniture, with our Indonesian furniture craftsmen striving to create faithful antique reproduction replicas of the classic period styles and models shown below such as Chippendale furniture reproductions showcases, large, heavy wood armoires wardrobes, and Italian showcase furniture.

Emporium Indonesia offers these wardrobe armoires business to business, at affordable prices for furniture importers and store owners worldwide. Our range of showcases and armoires are constructed from solid hardwood teak or mahogany, plantation grown, and come with a guarantee against defects or sub-standard workmanship.

For further information or to request samples please click Wholesale Furniture Contact. To see large pictures of our wardrobe armoires, armoire furniture, and showcases click on the photos.

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Classical Open Bookcase Empire Open Bookcases Indonesian Bookcase Javanese Furniture

RF-BD 057
Classical Open Bookcase

RF-BD 059
Empire Bookcases

RF-BD 060
Teak Bookcase

RF-BD 067
Javanese Furniture

Chippendale Display Cabinet Chippendale Display Bookcase Crystal Display Cabinet Antique Reproduction Bureau

RF-BD 073
Chippendale Display Cabinet

RF-BD 075
Chippendale Display Bookcase

RF-BD 080
Crystal Display Cabinet

RF-BD 089
Bureau Bookcase

Newport Bureau Bookcase Heavily Carved Armoire Hardwood Armoire Reproduction Furniture Wardrobe

RF-BD 090
Newport Bureau Bookcase

RF-BD 094
Heavily Carved Armoire

RF-BD 095
Hardwood Armoire

RF-BD 097
Reproduction Furniture Wardrobe

Angoliera Mezzaluna Vetrina Display Cases Vetrina Display Showcase Vetrina Glass Showcase

RF-BD 100
Angoliera Mezzaluna Showcase

RF-BD 101
Vetrina Display Case

RF-BD 102
Vetrina Display Showcase

RF-BD 105
Vetrina Display Cabinet

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