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Emporium Indonesia's own designs of Italian furniture wholesale glass display cases and wood showcases are featured here, page 4 of our wholesale antique reproduction European style bookcases and wood and glass display cases and showcases collection.

Exquisite attention to detail, care in craftsmanship, and wood carving skill, are what makes our wood display cases, glass display cases, pulaski curio cabinets, and wood showcases a delight to own and a breeze to sell. Made from teak wood and mahogany wood our display case furniture is handcrafted from original Italian furniture designs.

To obtain wholesale pricing information and to discuss your needs go to Wholesale Furniture Contact. Click on the pictures to see large photos of our Italian glass display cases and showcases.

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Italian Display Cases Vetrina Display Cases Furniture Display Case Vetrina Napolitano Showcase

RF-BD 107
Italian Display Case

RF-BD 108
Vetrina Display Furniture

RF-BD 110
Antique Display Case

RF-BD 112
Showcase Furniture

Roman Style Display Case Pulaski Curio Cabinets Vetrina Rose Showcase Vetrina Provile Display Cases

RF-BD 113
Roman Style Display Case

RF-BD 114
Pulaski Curio Cabinet

RF-BD 115
Vetrina Rose Showcase

RF-BD 116
Vetrina Provile Display Cases

Vetrina Vietri Mahogany Display Case Grape Cabinet Glass Display Case

RF-BD 117
Vetrina Vietri Display

RF-BD 120
Mahogany Display Case

RF-BD 123
Grape Carved Cabinet

RF-BD 125
Glass Display Case

Four Column Showcase Half Moon Display Cabinet Italian Furniture Curved Display Case

RF-BD 130
Four Column Showcase

RF-BD 132
Half Moon Display Cabinet

RF-BD 150
Small Glass Display Case

RF-BD 201
Curved Corner Display Case

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