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Wood corner cabinets and corner bookcases furniture at Emporium Indonesia. A fine and unique pictures gallery of solid wood corner bookcases, teak wood and mahogany corner cabinets and glass display cabinets.

Victorian furniture and Georgian antique reproduction furniture predominate on this page of our bookcases catalog. The period detail of these corner cabinets is faithful to the original antique furniture from which they are copied.

Most corner cabinets here, available in container load shipments to interior designers, decorators, hotels, and furniture store owners at discount prices, come in either teak or mahogany wood. They are handcrafted by Indonesian artisans with generations of wood carving experience in their blood.

Finishing choices include teak oil, melamine, and nitrocellulose laquer, in a variety of colours and shades.

To see the photos of our Georgian and Victorian corner bookcases, and corner cabinets in greater detail click on the thumbnail pictures below. To obtain further information about our bookcases furniture and wood corner cabinets range go to Wholesale Furniture Contact.

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Victorian Reproduction Bookcase Bookcases Furniture Victorian Era Bookcase Victorian Bookcase

RF-BD 001
Victorian Reproduction Bookcase

RF-BD 002
Victorian Book Case

RF-BD 003
Victorian Era Bookcase

RF-BD 004
Victorian Bookcase

Georgian Bookcase Georgian Book Cases Georgian Bookcase Large Living Room Bookcases

RF-BD 006
Georgian Bookcase

RF-BD 007
Georgian Book Case

RF-BD 008
Reproduction Georgian Bookcase

RF-BD 009
Large Living Room Bookcase

Corner Cabinets Teak Corner Cabinet Wooden Corner Cabinets Glass Display Case

RF-BD 010
Corner Showcase Cabinet

RF-BD 012
Teak Corner Cabinet

RF-BD 013
Wood Corner Cabinet

RF-BD 014
Glass Door Display Case

Georgian Corner Cabinets Glass and Wood Corner Cabinet Italian Style Corner Cabinet Display Corner Cabinet

RF-BD 015
Georgian Corner Cabinet

RF-BD 016
Glass and Wood Corner Cabinet

RF-BD 017
Italian Style Corner Cabinet

RF-BD 018
Display Corner Cabinet

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