Dining Tables, Wood Dining Room Tables

Dining tables and wood dining room tables from Emporium Indonesia. We are manufacturers of discount dining room tables and dining tables at wholesale affordable prices.

Our range of wholesale discount wood dining room tables is most greatly influenced by the antique reproduction style of furniture that continues to this day to enhance the beauty of homes and dining rooms around the world. We provide our teak wood and mahogany dining tables and wholesale reproduction dining tables furniture at discount prices for large orders from interior designers and furniture store owners.

The classic and unique dining tables and round pedestal tables furniture styles here draw their inspiration from the Victorian, Regency, Biedermeier, and Chippendale traditions of reproduction dining room furniture. We feature hand crafted round dining tables, square dining tables, oval dining tables, expandable dining tables, Expansion Dining Tables, large dining tables, small dining tables, and teak dining tables.

For price and further information go to Wholesale Furniture Contact. Click on the thumbnails to see large pictures of our dining tables.

Regency Pedestal Dining Table Oval Expansion Dining Tables Dining Tables

RF-DT 001
Regency Pedestal Dining Table

RF-DT 003
Expansion Dining Table

RF-DT 006
Round Dining Table

Regency Era Furniture Biedermeier Table Round Carved Fish Tables

RF-DT 010
Regency Furniture Dining Table

RF-DT 014
Biedermeier Center Table

RF-DT 016
Round Dining Room Table

Victorian Dining Table Set Round Dining Tables Small Square Dining Tables

RF-DT 017
Victorian Dining Table Set

RF-DT 018
Round Wood Dining Table

RF-DT 020
Small Square Dining Table

Regency Round Dining Tables Teak Dining Tables Chippendale Tables

RF-DT 022
Regency Dining Table & Chairs

RF-DT 036
Teak Dining Table

RF-DT 048
Chippendale Dining Room Furniture

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