Furniture Styles for Designers

Hardcover: 292 pages
Illustrated by David Vleck, Award winner, American Society of Interior Designer's Education Foundation/Joel Polsky Prize.

The definitive book on reproduction furniture styles, including Victorian era furniture, Regency or Biedermeier period furniture and the Georgian era. Furniture Styles profiles the history of the development of period furniture styles, looking at the evolution of style in the context of the architectural setting, interior design, and decorative arts of each period. This fascinating book is a beautiful visual reference guide to furniture styles. For architects, interior designers, furniture manufacturers, and antique dealers

Victorian Era Furniture, Georgian Period Furniture, Regency Bedroom Furniture

The author has demonstrated a unique ability to bring what is ordinarily a complicated subject, period and reproduction furniture styles, to an easy to understand appreciation of the design of furniture throughout each era. It is understandable why this book recently won an award from ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). A great find for anyone who is interested in applying this knowledge to an interior design project, collecting antiques or furniture.

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