The Art of Faux Finishing

The Complete Sourcebook of Decorative Painted Finishes

Paperback: 336 pages

The Art of Faux Finishing by world acclaimed expert on faux finishing and decorative painted finishing, Pierre Finkelstein, is full of fun and unique examples of faux finishes, aimed at both the professional woodworker and the weekend enthusiast.

The Art of Faux begins with the practical aspects of tools, materials, supplies, and planning, including preparation and cleanup considerations. Following is a detailed discussion of a wide variety of faux finishes in different categories: marble, semiprecious stone, limestone and sandstone, wood, patinas and textures, metals and gilding, tile, organic materials (such as ivory, leather, and mother-of-pearl), stenciling, and trompe l'oeil. Uncommon faux finishing methods, such as bamboo, Delft tile, snakeskin, and damas are also covered in the Art of Faux.

Faux Finishing

All of the faux finishes are presented as recipes, with detailed and useful instructions on how to bring your faux finish to life. The list of ingredients includes not only paints, glazes, and tools, but also difficulty ratings and lists of preparatory exercises for techniques that are part of the complete finish.

Including over 350 color and 250 b&w illustrations this is an ideal book for faux finishing enthusiasts and beginners alike.

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