Finishes & Finishing for Wood Furniture

Finishes and Finishing Techniques: Professional Secrets for Simple and Beautiful Finishes in Fine Woodworking

Paperback: 208 pages

A collection of the best recent material on wood furniture finishing written by experts ranging from finishing chemists to America's best amateur woodworkers, Finishes and Finishing Techniques provides both the woodworking beginner and pro alike with the opportunity to improve on his finishing and achieve great finishes every time.

Chapters include wood surface preparation, hand finishing tools and techniques, coloring wood, and special techniques. There are also useful sections on French polishing, finishing with shellac, and dying as opposed to staining wood.

Finishes & Finishing for Wood Furniture

Ideally suited for those wishing to see an improvement in their wood furniture finishing skills, Finishes and Finishing Techniques makes a good buy.

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