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A fine, hand picked selection of quality furniture and interior design books from Emporium Indonesia in association with Amazon.

Our range of furniture books focuses on the from classical times to present interpretations of antique European and American styles. Particular focus is given to the most influential and enduring traditions and periods, Regency, Biedermeier, Victorian and Georgian.

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Antique Furniture Styles Furniture GlossaryBiedermeier Bauhaus Antique Furniture Style Guide
Antique Furniture Styles Furniture Glossary Biedermeier To Bauhaus Antique Furniture Style Guide
Classical FurnitureComplete Furniture StylesInterior Design StylesFurniture History
Classical FurnitureGuide To Furniture StylesInterior Design Styles Furniture History
American Antique Furniture DesignBiedermeier Style, Antiques, & DesignSam Maloof Furniture & DesignFurniture Styles for Designers
American Antique Furniture Design Biedermeier Style, Antiques, & Design Sam Maloof Furniture & Design Furniture Styles for Designers
Neoclassic Style How To Buy Reproduction FurnitureVictorian Style
Neoclassic Furniture How To Buy Reproduction FurnitureVictorian Style Biedermeier Furniture

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