Garden Landscaping & Design

Architecture in the Garden

Hardcover: 288 pages

Author van Sweden builds on the success of Gardening with Nature and Gardening with Water to reveal more about his own process of developing garden landscaping and design, showing readers how to come to their own decisions about their garden landscaping along the way.

After three opening chapters covering van Sweden's "Inspirations," "The Gardener's Need for Architecture" and "Elements of Garden Architecture" respectively, van Sweden presents six case studies of differing garden landscaping sites, from "country" to "town" to "seaside" gardens of varying scales, climates and surrounding landscaping.

Garden Landscaping & Design

Bullet-pointed questions at the end of each chapter train readers to notice the elements of their own garden terrains and begin to work with them in terms of, for example, plant choice and slope as a means of creating drama. A final "Gallery of Architectural Features" shows paths, decks, edging, stone, fences and gates, walls and many more landscaping features.

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