Georgian Furniture Antique Reproduction Style

Classic Georgian Style

Hardcover: 192 pages

This book examines Georgian furniture, one of the more enduring antique reproduction classic furniture styles. Focusing mainly on the landscaping, gardens, and interior design that define classic Georgian furniture style, Spencer-Churchill lets the sumptous pictures do a lot of the talking.

The Georgian period in classic furniture style dates from about 1700, through the reigns of the Georgian kings, to about 1830. The Georgian furniture era is defined by an emphasis on clean, elegant, lines and classical influence with the principal figures in the antique Georgian furniture period being Chippendale, Hope, and Sheraton.

Georgian Furniture

The book concludes with a glossary and design directory that discusses those people who shaped the Georgian style, including 16th-century architect Palladio, cabinet-maker Thomas Chippendale, and landscape architect Humphrey Repton. A good choice for those with an interest in Georgian furniture antique reproduction style.

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