The Outdoor Living Room: Ideas for porches, patios, and pools.

by Martha Baker

Hardcover: 224 pages
Chuck Baker (Photographer), Sara Evans

Porches, pools, patios, decks, and gardens and the furniture that goes with them are the theme of this book for budding outdoor decorators. Treating outdoor living spaces as extensions of the home the author gives more than 45 examples of outdoor decorating complete with over 350 full colour pictures of furniture and gardens.

The Outdoor Living Room is divided into 6 sections: each representing a specific type of outdoor style: Classic, Rustic, Romantic, Modern, Whimsical, and In Town.

Various locations are chosen for to illustrate each style from a Southeast Asian-inspired tropical garden in Florida to a Japanese tea garden atop a New York City roof, from a grand wraparound porch on a classic home facing Lake Michigan to a thoroughly modern all-white patio near Miami.

Outdoor Living Room: ideas for porches, patios, and pools

The Outdoor Living Room also includes an extensive resource section, illustrating and describing garden furniture, architectural and landscape elements, and decorative items.

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