Making Fireplace Surrounds Ideas

Building Fire Surrounds

by Steve Penbethy, Gary Jones, Douglas Congdon-Martin.

Paperback: 64 pages

Whether there is a fire burning or not, there is something about a fireplace that gives a room warmth. The fireplace surrounds or mantels we build around the fireplace becomes a focal point of decorating and design, bringing to all that surrounds a sense of elegance.

Fireplace Surrounds

In this new book Steve Penberthy and Gary Jones gives the homeowner great ideas to build a classic fireplace surround from stock materials and moldings and tools found in the most basic of workshops. From measurement to the finished product, they take the reader through the complete process. Every step is illustrated with a color photograph and a concise instruction. In the back are drawings and photographs of many design variations that can be made using the same building techniques. This is the, without a doubt, the best book ever published on building fire surrounds or mantels and will be a welcome addition to the woodworker's library., 200+ color photos & line drawings.

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