History of Interior Design

Furniture & Decorative Arts

by Noel Riley, Patricia Bayer

Hardcover: 544 pages

In the bestselling tradition of "The Elements of Style", "The Elements of Design" is a comprehensive visual survey of the history of design styles that have had the greatest impact on the decorative arts in the Western world. With more than 3,000 prints, photographs, and line drawings, the book covers five centuries of the Western decorative arts and furniture tradition, including renaissance, baroque, rococo, regency, gothic, art nouveau, art deco, modernism, and the space age.

The key elements of the Western decorative arts tradition are explored chronologically. Each chapter begins with a broad introduction to the era, summarizing its key style features. Within the chapter there follows close examination of individual objects, including ceramics, glass, silver and metalwork, furniture, and textiles. All the items illustrated form a pictorial vocabulary of each design movement. The book also includes biographies of famous designers, information on conservation and maintenance, and a comprehensive glossary of interior design terms.

Design Elements

Compiled by a team of experts under the guidance of design specialists NoŽl Riley and Patricia Bayer, The Elements of Design is an indispensable reference work for collectors, design historians, interior decorators, set designers, and all those interested in our decorative arts heritage.

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