Bali Tropical Design

Bali Modern: The Art of Tropical Living

Hardcover: 192 pages

A study of tropical design and architecture in Bali, Bali Modern: The Art of Tropical Living documents the changes that have taken place in Balinese interior design, architecture, and landscaping in modern times. Sleaker lines, more imaginative use of space, A-frame roofs, and the use of stone, concrete, and ceramic roof tiles are increasingly visible along with the traditional coconut wood, teak, and thatching.

Showcased are some of the island's most beautiful examples of contemporary homes, shops, restaurants and of course the beautiful holiday resorts that Bali is famous for.

Bali Tropical Design

What marks out Bali Modern: The Art of Tropical Living as a book of note for the tropical home decor enthusiast are the exquisite photos and pictures of some of the finest gardens and resorts in Bali.

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