Javanese & Indonesian Batiks

Batik: Fabled Cloth of Java

Hardcover: 240 pages

The making of Batik fabrics and patterns has long been an integral part of Javanese and Sumatran culture, and the wider Indonesian culture, and continues to this day to be important to the Indonesian art world generally.

Historically the intricate designs of batik, created with the aid of a small wax painting device and dyed with natural dyes, were markers of status in the court and palace hierarchy of the early central Javanese kingdoms. Then, in the 19th century batik workshops developed on the northern coast of Java, worked in mostly by women, and new designs incorporating Chinese and European styles with Indonesian and Javanese traditions.


This book features, in all their radiant colors and intricate patterns, 150 examples of the finest batik in the world, developed to a rare art form on the Indonesian island of Java. 150 full-color and 75 black-and-white photos.

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