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A small but growing collection of books on Indonesian culture, design, style, travel, and decorative arts. We draw attention to, in particular, Javanese home furnishing and furniture styles as these have had some influence on Emporium Indonesia's designers. The culture of Java as expressed in its furniture, interior decoration, and architecture is a topic of growing interest. Also featured are the decorative styles of Bali and Asia generally.

For books on indoor and classic furniture styles click Furniture Styles.

For books on outdoor furniture and decoration click Outdoor Furniture and Decorating.


For books on furniture care and finishing click Furniture Care and Finishing.

Indonesian CultureIndonesia Design CultureJava StyleIndonesian Accents: Architecture, Interior Design, Art
Jakarta Culture Indonesia: Design & Culture Java StyleIndonesian Accents
Javanese BatikNathaniel's NutmegNo picture!Island Style: Tropical Dream Houses in Indonesia
Javanese BatikNathaniel's NutmegLetters of a Javanese PrincessIsland Style: Tropical Dream Houses in Indonesia
Bali ModernTropical Asian StyleIndonesian Language and CultureBalinese Houses
Bali ModernTropical Asian StyleIndonesian Language & CultureBalinese Houses

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