Balinese Houses Style

Bali Homes Design

Hardcover: 192 pages

Bali style has been the topic of numerous books on Balinese art, architecture, and interior design. In this book we take a look at the sumptous asian world of balinese homes and houses, and their interior design.

Bali Homes

In Bali Houses we see how traditional Balinese design elements have been fused with modern interlopings in the areas of architecture, interior design, glassware, table settings, textiles, furniture, furnishings, and homes and houses design.

Chapter Headings

  • colonial modern
  • variations on a theme
  • in the lap of tropical luxury
  • set in stone
  • spanish delight in bali
  • a quiet haven
  • timeless splendour
  • the persistence of memory
  • a funky abode
  • a batak legacy
  • nomadic chic
  • a bold approach
  • a tropical mountain retreat
  • fluid transitions
  • living with nature
  • interior reflections
  • a cultural fusion of senses
  • vibrant presentations
  • freehand
  • shapes and textures
  • circles and spirals
  • tribal contemporary
  • the beauty of glass
  • metalwork
  • flower melange
  • crafted precision
  • trendy tropical
  • radiant lights
  • delighting ideas
  • ethnic modernity

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