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Wholesale wooden home office furniture from Emporium Indonesia, wholesalers, exporters, and manufacturers of Indonesian wooden home furniture in teak and mahogany wood. Our wooden home furniture range combines the best of antique reproduction furniture styles with fine Indonesian woodworking and hand carving skills.

The home furniture that Emporium Indonesia produces is handmade in our wooden furniture factories in Jepara, Java, and supplied wholesale direct to furniture store owners, import export companies, interior design and decoration firms, and hotel owners internationally. Wood home office furniture featured here are CD stands, wooden medicine cabinets, and revolving bookcases, Georgian book cupboards as well as some unique custom made decorative pieces.

Click on the pictures to view a larger image with product details. For price and further information on our wooden home Furniture go to Wholesale Furniture Contact.

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Georgian Book Cupboards Antique Book Stand Rotating Book Stand Revolving Book Stand

RF-M 115
Georgian Book Cupboard

RF-M 116
Antique Book Stand

RF-M 117
Rotating Book Stand

RF-M 118
Revolving Book Stand

Leather Top Bookcase Rotating Inlaid Bookcase Decorative Bookcase Books Stand

RF-M 119
Leather Top Bookcase

RF-M 120
Inlaid Bookcase Stand

RF-M 121
Decorative Bookcase

RF-M 122
Books Stand

Circular Tea Table Wooden Fruit Tray Fruit Stands Antique Pembroke Table

RF-M 135
Circular Tea Table

RF-M 137
Wooden Fruit Tray

RF-M 138
Fruit Stands

RF-M 139
Antique Pembroke Table

Wooden Music Stand Medicine Cabinet Hanging Medicine Cabinet Medicines Cabinet

RF-M 140
Wooden Music Stand

RF-M 160
Vintage Medicine Cabinet

RF-M 161
Hanging Medicine Cabinet

RF-M 162
Medicines Cabinet

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