Teak Deck Furniture

Emporium Indonesia is a teak deck furniture manufacturer located in the Indonesian province of East Java producing solid wood teak extension tables and outdoor wooden picnic tables whether round or oval. Our Indonesian deck furniture is manufactured from solid teak wood, dry and well seasoned, at our garden furniture factory in Jepara, Indonesia.

The Indonesian deck furniture products shown here, outdoor and garden teak extension and picnic tables and teak garden planters, are sold wholesale direct to furniture companies, distributors, hotels, and stores internationally. Partner with Emporium Indonesia and we assure complete and attentive service.

For price and further information on our teak deck furniture go to Contact. Click on the pictures to see large photos with basic product details.

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Square Dining Table Rectangle Table Expandable Garden Table round extension table

RFG 084
Square Dining Table

RFG 085
Rectangle Table

RFG 086
Expandable Garden Table

RFG 087
Round Extension Table

extending garden table Picnic Extension Table Large Garden Table Garden Furniture Table

RFG 088
Extending Garden Table

RFG 089
Picnic Extension Table

RFG 090
Large Garden Table

RFG 091
Garden Furniture Table

Patio Serving Cart or Trolley teak garden planters Outdoor Planter

RFG 092
Patio Serving Cart

RFG 093
Teak Garden Planters

RFG 094
Outdoor Planter

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