Teak Patio Furniture, Chairs & Benches

Welcome to Emporium Indonesia's teak patio furniture catalog. Here we feature our catalog of classic teak patio furniture and teak porch furniture. Our wooden patio furniture is manufactured at our furniture factory in Java, Indonesia and is made of solid teak wood.

Constructions methods for our teak wood patio furniture: wood is selected on the basis of moisture content, this being from 12-15%. Wood is then machine cut to ensure uniformity of style across the catalog range. Actual construction of our teak patio furniture catalog range is done by hand employing now standard export quality methods including the use of interlocking dovetail joints. For our teak patio chairs and teak benches mortise and tenon joints are used while for flat pieces such as patio tables tongue and groove wood joints are employed.

On this page of our patio furniture catalog we feature a nice selection of teak patio chairs with and without armrests, tree contour benches, and some teak wood patio benches. Click the pictures to see large photos.

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teak patio bench Teak Wood Bench Bench Around a Tree Curved Around The Tree Bench

RFG 001
Teak Patio Bench

RFG 002
Teak Wood Bench

RFG 003
Bench Around A Tree

RFG 004
Curved Around The Tree Bench

teak patio chairs Wood Patio Chair teak patio armchairs folding armchair

RFG 005, 006
Teak Patio Chairs

RFG 007
Wood Patio Chair

RFG 008
Teak Patio Armchair

RFG 009
Folding Armchair

Outdoor Patio Chairs 3-Seat Teak Bench Patio Benches Two Seat Bench

RFG 010, 011
Outdoor Patio Chairs

RFG 012
3 Seat Bench

RFG 013
Two Seat Bench

RFG 014
Outdoor Teak Bench

2 Seat Bench Teak Deck Chair Wood Deck Bench patio furniture bench

RFG 015
2 Seat Teak Patio Bench

RFG 016
Teak Deck Chair

RFG 017
Wood Deck Bench

RFG 018
Patio Furniture Bench

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