Wood Plant Stands | Wooden Coat Trees

Wood plant stands, wooden coat trees, teak wood and mahogany wood coat and hat stands, hall coat trees, jardinieres, pedestal plant stands, and wash stands furniture from Emporium Indonesia, wholesale Indonesian furniture manufacturers and exporters.

All our wooden plant stands, coat stands, and wash stands are made in a choice of solid teak wood or mahogany wood direct from the manufacturer in Indonesia.

Our wooden plant stands and tall coat trees are made in classic antique reproduction furniture styles with some unique indoor Indonesian designs added, and are hand carved and handmade by the finest and most experienced woodworkers in Jepara, central Java, the heart of the Indonesian woodworking industry.

Click on the pictures to view larger photos with product details. For price and further information on our wooden corner plant stands, wood coat stands, and wash stands go to Wholesale Furniture Contact.

plant stands regency period furniture regency plant stands Jardinieres

RF-PCW 001
Wood Plant Stand

RF-PCW 005
Regency Plant Stands

RF-PCW 006
Regency Plant Stand

RF-PCW 007
Reproduction Antique Jardiniere

Wood Plant stands wooden plant stands wooden plant stands Georgian plant stands

RF-PCW 012
Tall Plant Stand

RF-PCW 014
Wooden Plant Stand

RF-PCW 015
Corner Plant Stand

RF-PCW 016
Georgian Plant Stand

Barley Twist Stands wash stands Georgian wash stands hat stands

RF-PCW 025
Barley Twist Stand

RF-PCW 026
Tripod Wash Stand

RF-PCW 027
Georgian Wash Stand

RF-PCW 035
Hat Stand

coat stands

RF-PCW 036
Coat Stand

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