On Teak Wood

Teak wood has been renowned for centuries for its attractive appearance and ability to withstand either tropical Asian or temperate European and American climates. Teak wood combines both these characteristics, a rich, satisfying appearance, and a toughness that is unmatched by any other hardwood, to be a solid choice for wood furniture, particularly for outdoor garden furniture and, in a different way, for indoor furniture.

Teak Wood General Information

Teak wood is the common name for the Tectona Grandis tree. Teak is native to Asia, in particular, Burma or Myanmar, India, and Thailand. The teak wood that is grown in Indonesia originates from Dutch colonial times. The Dutch established teak wood plantations in 18 16, these now being administered by the government of Indonesia. The teak wood that Emporium Indonesia uses to manufacture its furniture is sourced from the government teak plantation system.

The teak wood tree grows to a height of 46 metres or 150 feet with a straight solid trunk. The bark of the teak wood tree is grey and the trunk has a white sap wood. Teak wood trees are harvested after about 40 years.

The Appearance of Teak

Teak wood is a pleasing golden to dark brown colour, sometimes reddish brown, with a straight grain. Left alone in outdoor or garden environments it will turn a silvery grey colour without finishing.

Teak wood contains natural oil which adds to its natural outdoor or garden durability making it resistant to moisture and the drying effects of exposure to the weather and elements.

Uses of Teak Wood: Furniture

Teak is a highly versatile hardwood and its uses are many and varied.

Traditionally teak wood has been used in ship and marine boat construction as well as flooring, carved furniture and wood carving generally, Venetian blinds and veneer, cabinets, panels, and of course fine teak furniture indoor and outdoor teak garden furniture.

The history of teak furniture dates back to before the 19th century when it was used mainly in Chinese export trade with the European world. The use of teak wood in furniture by European wood craftsmen began with the Victorian era. Advances in woodworking technology enabled European woodworkers to use teak to manufacture elegant and unique decorative furniture.

Teak Furniture at Emporium Indonesia

Teak wood is used for furniture at Emporium Indonesia because it is ideal in certain circumstances.

Primarily it is best for outdoor garden furniture, for such things as garden benches, folding chairs, planters, folding tables, expanding tables, deck chairs, loungers and steamers, and decoration for garden and outdoor spaces generally. Teak wood is the best choice for garden furniture.

Teak Furniture Indoor

Teak wood for indoor furniture is not necessarily an obvious choice. Most Indonesian furniture factories do not use it for export international markets. Mahogany wood is the popular choice here.

At Emporium Indonesia we offer most of our furniture products in both mahogany and teak wood recognising that teak wood furniture is out of the range of some budgets.

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