Antique Sofas, Traditional Curved Sofas

Our range of antique sofas and living room sofas by Emporium Indonesia, sofa manufacturer and wholesaler of fine teak wood and mahogany wood classic European antique sofas in traditional styles, direct from the sofa factory in Asia.

Quality upholstery fabrics are used in all our wood frame wholesale sofas, custom couches, and Victorian sofas. On this page we focus on some fine antique reproduction classic style sofas. Italian furniture, grandfather sofas, swan, curved back sofas, and Regency living room furniture.

To see large pictures of our wholesale sofas click on the photos. For price and further information from the sofa manufacturer go to Wholesale Furniture Contact.

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Curved Back Sofa Carved Sofa Carved Grape Sofa

RF-So 080
Curved Back Sofa

RF-So 082
Antique Carved Sofa

RF-So 084
Carved Grape Sofa

Wood Frame Sofa Camel Back Sofa Wooden Frame Sofa

RF-So 086
Wood Frame Sofa

RF-So 089
Camel Back Sofa

RF-So 090
Wooden Frame Sofa

Traditional Style Guest Sofa Black Leather Sofa Grandfather Sofas

RF-So 099
Traditional Style Guest Sofa

RF-So 102
Black Leather Sofa

RF-So 103
Grandfather Sofa

Wood Sofas Couches Grecian Regency Sofa

RF-So 111
Double Ended Sofa

RF-So 114
High Back Couch

RF-So 118
Grecian Regency Sofa

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