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Drinks Cabinet Plan

This wooden drinks cabinet plan provides a cheap, convenient option to store your drinks, wine, and other liquor at home in a stylish manner.

1. Using a circular saw, cut out the parts for the drinks cabinet from a 2400 x 1200 x 17mm sheet (diagram A). Make sure the good face is down when cutting and use a level as a straight edge.

Drinks Cabinet Plan

2. To neaten the edges of the drinks cabinet, glue the 17mm-thick cover strips to the front edges of all the parts of the cabinet you've just cut. Use masking tape to hold the strips in place while the glue is drying.

Drinks Cabinet 1

3. Cut out two rails for the top of the drinks cabinet from the 900 x 600 x 12mm sheet. Cut the rails to 600 x 80mm. Then, using the handsaw, notch out the back and front of the ends to fit the rails. Each notch should be 80mm wide and 12mm deep.

4. Glue and screw the support rails to the top of the drinks cabinet sides (see diagram B).

Drinks Cabinet 2

5. Screw the bottom shelf 30mm from the bottom of the cabinet sides to make up the basic body of the drinks cabinet.

6. In the piece of ply set aside for the wine glass shelf, use a jigsaw to cut two slots (15mm wide and 250mm deep) going from front to back of the drinks cabinet (diagram C). Glue and screw the wine glass shelf 60mm from the top of the centre division.

Drinks Cabinet 3

7. Attach the middle shelf to the centre division and then fit that division 220mm from one of the drinks cabinet sides (see diagram E).

Drinks Cabinet 4

8. Once the shelves are fitted, it's time to fix the door of the drinks cabinet. Measure the distance between the middle shelf and the bottom (thus the height of the door), and between the centre division and end (the width of the door). Cut the door from the 12mm ply and add the 50 x 10mm cover strip around the edges. Hinge the door to the cabinet and fit the knob. Then make up a backing for the cupboard and glue and screw it into place.

9. For the wine storage, the remaining 300 x 841mm divisions will be spaced evenly between the centre division and the side of the drinks cabinet. The divisions that make up the wine rack have to be pre-drilled to fit the dowels before they can be fixed inside the body of the drinks cabinet (diagram D). These holes should be 16mm in diameter, so that the dowel fits snugly. Clamp the dividers together and drill the holes, making sure they line up. Cut the dowel into 14 equal lengths to fit the distance between the end and centre division. Before fitting in the divisions that make up the wine rack, thread the 14 lengths of dowel through the pre-drilled holes. Space these divisions evenly between the end and centre division then glue and screw in place (diagram E).

Drinks Cabinet 5

10. Fit the top of the drinks cabinet, screwing through from the underside of the top rails. Once fixed, rout an ornate edge around the front and sides of the top (optional).

11. Sand and apply furniture finishing as required.

Drinks Cabinet Plan Materials:

1 sheet of 2400 x 1200 x 17mm CD Ply (use cheap ply that has one good side)     1 sheet of 900 x 600 x 12mm CD Ply     1 sheet of 900 x 600 x 3mm CD Ply     3 lengths of 16mm diameter dowel, each 1.8m long     6m of 17 x 10mm cover strip (radiata pine)      1.5m of 30 x 19mm cover strip (radiata pine)     1.5m of 50 x 10mm cover strip (radiata pine)     2 concealed hinges     1 door knob/pull     42mm chipboard screws     Glue     Masking tape    

Drinks Cabinet Tools

Circular saw     Jigsaw     Handsaw     Router     Cordless drill/corded drill

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Drinks Cabinet Plan

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