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Home Office Furniture Cupboard

This home office furniture cupboard plan is designed for those working at home and who require a cheap option for a computer desk workstation and all purpose home office furniture cupboard.

1. Remove the inside of the cupboard with a hammer or mallet.

2. Sand the cupboard.

3. Design and customise the shelves of the home office cupboard. The key to organised home office furniture is to follow the old saying: a place for everything and everything in its place. It is therefore a good idea to design your shelves around everything you plan to put in the cupboard. Allow space and storage for files, computer equipment and stationary. The desk height for both the computer and the fold down bench should be ergonomic (around 720mm-750mm). This will help you to sit comfortably and avoid needless pressure on the back.

Home Office Furniture Cupboard

4. Cut plywood to size and screw shelves into place. A hole drilled in the back wall of the home office furniture cupboard will allow computer cords to be fed through to a power socket.

5. A computer keyboard tray is easily attached and can simply be slid away under the desktop.

6. Attach the fold-out-desk to the cupboard door. This forms additional work space. The fold-out table is secured to the cupboard with hinges, and when not in use is held securely in place with a bolt that runs through its block.

7. An old cupboard can be transformed into a fine home office furniture workstation with a coat of paint. Choose a colour that will fit with the other furniture around it. Pale colours will create a feeling of space making the inside of the cupboard seem bigger and more open.

Home Office Cupboard Plan Materials:

A suitable cupboard from which existing inside shelves and hanging rails can be removed.     15mm plywood     Hinges     Sliding mechanism for computer keyboard     Nails      Paint     Handles     Screws     Keyboard tray     Tools     Hammer     Drill     Mallet     Saw     Tape measure     Screwdriver     Sandpaper    

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