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Kids Plans - Rocking Table

One of our plans for kids, this rocking table for two can be turned upside down to double as a kids table. The steps for making this free kids woodworking project plan from Emporium Indonesia are as follows.

1. Using a jigsaw or hand saw, begin by cutting the plywood into the parts needed for the chair, using the diagrams to guide you. A (sides): 2 x 1000mm x 600mm B (back rests): 2 x 670mm x 370mm C (seats): 2 x 670mm x 250mm D (table/footrest): 1 x 670mm x 400mm

Kids Rocking Table 1

2. Take the back rests (B), seats (C), and the table/footrest (D), (see diagram 1) and mark out their position on the sides (A) with a pencil. The backrests should be marked 50mm in from the side edge, 12mm from the bottom curve, and flush with the top edge.

3. Using the backrest marks as a guide, position the seats (C) 210mm down from the top edge of the sides (A). Ultimately, the table/footrest (D) should be marked out 50mm in from the farthest point of the curve.

4. Mark out the screw holes for each part. The seats should be marked with three screw holes, one 40mm from each end and the third in the middle. At both ends the pieces go into the sides (A).

5. The side edge of the seats (to go into the backrests) should be marked with four screw holes, 40mm in from each end. The other two holes go in 220mm in from each end. Mark the screw holes for the backrests and footrest/table in the same fashion. Four screw holes 40mm in from each end and then two 150mm down from the ends.

Kids Rocking Table 2

6. Then drill screw holes through the sides (A) for all the pieces as well as pre-drilling holes in each section. Your kids rocking table is now ready to assemble.

7. Glue along the edges, which are to be joined using strong adhesive glue. Then screw together.

8. Allow the glue to dry before sanding all the edges to make sure that it's safe for kids. Fill all holes and then give all the plywood a light sanding before painting.

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Kids Woodworking Plan Materials & Tools:

12mm CC plywood, 24mm x1200mm     Jigsaw or hand saw     Drill and 3mm drill bit     50mm gal chipboard screws     Strong adhesive glue     Sandpaper     Paintbrush     Paint

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