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Wooden Kids Stool Plan

A small fun project plan : wooden kids stool.

1. Mark and cut the legs at 200mm high each.

2. Next position the first two bits of dowel. Mark the position of the dowel by tapping a mark with a nail, this marks the beginning position of drilling the hole for the dowel. Drill first lot of holes in about 15mm.

3. Put the first set of dowel rails in dry, so you can work out the position of the other dowel, which will be a bit higher. Make sure you get the position right or you'll have to find some new legs.

4. Drill the second set of holes.

5. Apply some glue in the first set of holes and slide in the dowel. Glue and fit the second set of dowel rails; and the stool frame is done.

kids stool plan

6. Let the glue dry, and while waiting for this cut the stool seat 300mm square. Aris off the sharp edges with a plane, smooth it all with an orbital sander and round the corners.

7. To put it all together, mark the position of the legs on the bottom of the seat. Pre-drill holes in the seat in the middle of each leg position.

8. Turn the stool the right way up and drill through the seat holes into the legs. Add a bit of glue to the leg tops, position the seat and fix with screws.

9. Apply furniture finishing as required.

Kids Wooden Stool Plan Materials:

Plywood 15mm thick x 300mm x 300mm for seat     4 x Pacific Maple Legs 45mm x 45mm x 200mm     22mm Dowel Rails x 4     Skirting board: 1 x 0.8m     Brass hinge

Kids Stool Woodworking Project Tools

Drill, Spade Bit     Saw     Hammer     Plane     Orbital Sander

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Kids Stool Plan

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