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Power Tools Storage Plan

A portable power tools storage shelves plan from Emporium Indonesia Furniture. Store your power tools with this simple do it yourself shelves plan.

As well as allowing for storage for the tools, this simple shelves system will keep the power cords of your tools from getting tangled up. The compartments of the shelves are formed by a number of dividers that fit between the top shelf and back panel of the power tools shelves. Each power cord fits in a separate compartment directly below the tools. The location of the dividers is determined by the amount of space your tools require.

1. Cut a scrap panel of MDF or timber for the top, a sheet of ply for the back and short pieces of timber for dividers. The length of the shelf and number of dividers will depend on how many power tools you wish to store.

Power Tools

2. Nail the shelf and divider assembly together. Glue can be used for added strength if desired. Nail on the ply back panel.

3. For any of the power tools with trimming blades, etc., cut out a slot for each in the top of the shelf to allow for this. The power tools will then rest flat on top of the shelf.

4. A jigsaw blade, for example, will sit in the hole made by using a spade bit. Circular saws will rest with the blade guard in the closed position. Form a slot to accommodate this by drilling out two spade bit holes, marked out at either end of the intended slot and completing cutting out using a jigsaw.

5. Your power tools can now be placed on top of the shelf, while the cords to each of the tools can be coiled up and left underneath. In this example, the shelf unit accommodates 6 power tools.

Power Tool Storage Shelves Plan Materials:

Scrap MDF or timber, length to suit (for shelf and dividers)     Nails     Scrap sheet of ply

Power Tools Storage Shelves Tools

Drill with spade bit     Jigsaw     Hammer

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Power Tools Storage Plan

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