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Rustic Coffee Table Plan

A wooden rustic coffee table plan from Emporium Indonesia Furniture.

1. This rustic coffee table consists of three main panels of tongue-and-groove floorboards glued together. Both sides are made up of four strips, cut to 450mm, and the top is five strips cut to 940mm.

2. For a nice finish, we trimmed the tongue and groove off the outside boards on all three panels. The other components are four strips of radiata pine, two as shelf supports and two as cleats for the underside of the coffee table top. You'll also need a corrugated iron shelf, a strengthening baton and some cover strips for the final trim on your rustic coffee table.

3. Making the shelf is probably the trickiest part of making your rustic coffee table. We screwed some temporary blocks to the work bench to help with the assembly and to make sure that the shelf stayed square. We also assembled the shelf upside down so that we could see exactly where to put the support strips. Position the strips equally throughout the corrugations in the iron, drill pilot holes and nail into the cover strips. Then flip the shelf, punch holes into the iron and screw it to the timber frame.

Rustic Coffee Table

4. At this point the coffee table is ready to be put together. Start by screwing the shelf supports to the side panels of the table, 200mm up from the bottom. Now attach the shelf to the supports, using 40mm chipboard screws. Next the cleats are screwed to the underside of the table top 40mm in from each edge. This will give you fixing points for the two side panels. To give the coffee table extra stability, we added a strengthening rail underneath the shelf. 45mm wide cover-strips cut from flooring are screwed down the edge of each side panel to hide any rough edges. The last job before a final sand and polish is to fill all the nail and screw holes with wood putty.

5. For finishing as required. we used a clear wax oil to bring out the natural lustre of the timber. This type of oil will also provide some protection against heat and stains. Apply liberally with steel wool and buff with a finely woven cloth until the timber on your rustic coffee table takes on a nice sheen.

Rustic Coffee Table Plan Materials:

Secondhand 100mm tongue-and-groove flooring (kauri pine)     20mm by 20mm radiata pine     Corrugated iron     Clear wax-oil     35mm and 50mm screws     40mm nails     Wood glue

Rustic Coffee Table Tools

Hammer     2 G-clamps     Nibbler     Cordless drill     Circular saw

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Coffee Table Plan

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