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Towel Rack Plan

A wooden towel rack plan from Emporium Indonesia Furniture. Build your own cheap wood towel rack with this simple do it yourself plan.

1. To make the the top plates of our wooden towel rack, enlarge and trace the pattern (see diagram) onto the two wood pieces, 140 x 19 x 350mm, and then cut out with a jigsaw.

2. Lay out the wood for the towel rack and number each piece so they don't get confused.

3. Mark out the dowel points in the uprights of the towel rack and drill the holes.

Towel Rack

4. Use dowel pins to mark out the corresponding holes in the top plates. Then drill them out.

5. Mark the desired positions for the racks on each of the upright frames and top plates and drill to a depth of 9mm, using a 16mm router bit in a drill press. Then fit the top plates of the towel rack to their uprights.

Towel Rack 1

6. Pre-drill through the top frame into the centre of each rack, countersinking each hole on the frame. Glue and screw together to complete the top section of the towel rack.

Towel Rack

7. Sand the top edges of each base plate. Pre-drill through the base plates into the bottom of each upright and glue and screw together to make the two stands for the towel rack.

8. Glue and screw the racks into position between the upright stands already prepared. Be sure to pre-drill holes into the ends of the racks because they will split if not.

9. Fill the screw holes with some putty. Allow a few hours to dry, then sand the completed towel rack.

10. Apply finishing to your wooden towel rack as required.

Towel Rack Plan Materials:

4 pieces 42 x 19 x 900mm pine (uprights)     2 pieces 140 x 19 x 350mm pine (top pieces)     7 pieces of dowel, diameter 16mm, length 900mm     2 pieces 90 x 19 x 400mm pine (base plates)     Stain and varnish     8 x 8mm dowels

Towel Rack Plan Tools

Jigsaw Drill     Spade bit or router bit for drill press (diameter of dowel)     Sandpaper     Glue

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