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Scandinavian Kids Bed

1. Cut two bed sides out of MDF. The length of the bed is 2000mm and the height is 1200mm. Cut the sides of the bed to your own desired arc-shape, making sure to mirror image both sides.

2. Cut the bed head from the MDF to a width of 930mm and a height of 1200mm. Follow the plan for decorative shape details or cut to your own pattern.

3. Cut the bed end out of MDF. The bed end is a mirror of the bed head but 200mm lower, so slide the head piece down 200mm, trace and cut.

4. To form the base, screw together the sides of the bed to the head and end using 28mm wood screws (all joins are "butt" joins).

5. Using the 70mm x 35mm pine, fit a rail that runs along the inside of the bed frame - this is the ledge on which the pine slats will sit.

6. Using the 140mm x 20mm DAR pine, cut slats to fit between bed sides and fix with 28mm screws down into the rail.

7. Fit and fix 50mm x 50mm pine posts to the outside corner of the bed frame by screwing from the inside of the frame with 50mm screws.

8. Fit optional post tops with dowel pieces and glue.

9.Apply finishing and paint to suit.

bed 1 bed 2 bed 3 bed 4

Woodworking Project Plan Materials:

3 sheets of MDF 2400mm x 1200mm x 16mm thick     2 lengths of pine 2100mm x 70mm x 35mm     1 length of pine 2400mm x 70mm x 35mm     2 lengths dressed pine at 2400mm x 50mm x 50mm    5 lengths of DAR (dressed-all-round) pine at 2700mm x 140mm x 20mm     4 post tops or finials (optional)     50mm wood screws     28mm wood screws     dowel    PVA glue     (to suit)

Woodworking Project Tools

Circular saw    Screw gun    Jigsaw    Drill    String

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Scandinavian Bed Plan

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