Wood Tables

Wood Tables

The table consists of a flat, level surface, suitable to receive whatever may be placed upon it, supported on one or more uprights. The word table properly applies to the top which in early times was called a board, and it was, indeed, nothing more, the supports being trestles not attached in any way to the top itself. The top may be made of wood, marble, glass, etc., and is spoken of accordingly as a wooden table, marble table, glass table, etc. If the material is not mentioned it may be supposed to be of solid wood. The name of the material is sometimes linked with the geometrical form of the top; thus, a square table, a round marble table, an oval slate table, etc.

Table Anatomy

Table Parts

Wooden tables are made high or low, according to the purpose for which they are used, and may be either with or without drawers. They are composed of three parts, the top, the frame and the legs. The top has been described above.

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Wood Tables

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