Types of Chairs : Italian & German Chairs

Types of Chairs

Italian & German Chairs

Italian and German chairs, with backs and legs of solid boards elaborately carved, appear in the same inclined form when drawn in elevation. The "scissor" pattern was originally a folding chair, but although the form is retained it is not always made to fold, though both folding and fixed chairs present a similar elevation. The plan of a chair seat approximates a square, a triangle, or a circle. The principle varieties with the position of the legs, in relation to the frame, indicated by the shading, are shown in the diagram.

Plans of Chairs

The square plan, though not uncommon, is less frequently seen than the trapezoidal. This latter is perhaps the most used, either with the straight frame, as on the left of the dotted line in the illustration, or curved as on the right. Triangular seats though used in olden times are not common now, except for corner seats.

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Types of Chairs

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