Armchairs, Chair Arms

Armchairs, Chair Arms

In the drawing are shown five plans of armchairs. One of these has the arm straight, following the plan of the seat. Two of the others indicate how the space between the arms is made wider than the seat at the back by curving the arm; the front post remaining in the same position as in the first plan. The plans drawn beneath the chair with the "receding arm post" show how the arm may be a compound curve or a continuation of the curve of the back. In the former not only does the curve give a maximum width between the arms, but it also permits of the front scroll of the arm turning out, thus preventing the chair from seeming narrow.

Five Plans of Armchairs

In some chairs the plan of the arms follows the curve of the back so there is no angle where the two join. This is illustrated in the plan of a "Windsor" chair, where the piece from which the arm is cut is continuous from one side of the chair to the other, the slats of the back passing directly through it.

Chair arms may be horizontal or they may slope to a greater or less degree with the highest point where they join the back.

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Armchairs, Chair Arms

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