Chair Dimensions & Sizes

Chair Dimensions & Sizes

Hepplewhite gives as the general dimensions of a chair: width in front 20 inches, depth of seat 17 inches, height of seat frame 17 inches, (his chair seats are about 1-2 or 1 inch above the frame);: total height 3 feet 1 inch. The height of a chair back is a matter of design, and it may be proportioned accordingly. It may, or may not, be inclined to the seat; its side posts may be slightly inclined, while the middle slopes considerably, thus providing a hollow in which the shoulders of the sitter rest comfortably. Modern chairs usually have the back inclined, though chairs for use in the entrance hall and dining room are, perhaps, made with the back vertical.

The following is a table of dimensions of various chairs taken from satisfactory examples:

Chair Dimensions

Note. All dimensions are given in inches. Heights are above the floor. Slope of chair back is measured, at seat level, to a perpendicular through highest point of the back.

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Chair Dimensions & Sizes

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