Headboard & Footboard

Bedsteads, or bed frames have a headboard, a footboard, and two side rails. The head and footboard are often panelled, and sometimes the side rails also. In the old style wood bedstead there were four posts. These were joined together in pairs by a rail above which was a second rail more or less elaborately decorated by sawing, carving, turning or panelling, thus making the head and foot boards according to the position they occupied when united by two rails that formed the sides of the bedstead.

The side rails of bed frames, with the lower ones of the headboard and footboard formed the frame across which cords were stretched to support the mattress. In the modern bedsteads the arrangement is much the same except that in many of them the post is reduced to its lowest terms and exists only as the stile for the panel work of which the head and foot board is composed.

Bed Side Rails

The side rails are made much wider than in olden times, that they may hide the box spring which has taken the place of the cording, and they are constructed so they may be removed and replaced as desired. There are many contrivances for accomplishing this, each manufacturer having his preference.

A strong and substantial way is shown in the illustration.

The ends of the rails are provided with tenons, that fit mortises in the posts of foot and headboard, and with screws that work in nuts sunk in the posts. These screws fasten the rails and end boards securely together while the tenons stiffen the joint, preventing any twisting of the sides.

Bedstead Construction

On the lower edge of the side rails, inside, is a ledge to support the spring. The box spring is sometimes supported on slats, and sometimes on the side rail of the bedstead, a cleat having been placed on it so as to rest on the ledge of the rails.

Mattress & Springs

The mattress is placed on the springs. In designing a bedstead it ought to be constructed so the top of the mattress will not be much over twenty-five inches above the floor.

Bed Slats

Bed slats are about an inch thick, a double box spring about ten inches thick, and a good mattress seven inches thick.

To keep within the limit of height, then, the upper edge of the support for the slats should not be more than seven inches from the floor. But slats are sometimes omitted and then the side rails may be set higher as the springs can hang a little below them without being seen.

Bed Sizes

The following is a table of measurements of bedsteads for single and double beds:

Bedstead Sizes

Note: All dimensions are in inches.

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