Decorative Painted Wood Furniture Ideas

Decorative Painted Wood Furniture Ideas

The nearest approach to inlay is ornament painted on the surface of the wood, a very decorative, often whimsical approach. This has been a common and handsome method of decorating furniture, and is one of the more popular ideas today. One method is to treat all the ornament flat similar to inlay; another is to paint natural forms in a realistic way. The ornament is sometimes painted on the varnished surface of natural wood, and again it is placed on an enamel. In one class of work painting is executed on a panel first covered by silver or gold leaf, the design introducing figures, pastoral scenes, architectural compositions, etc.

The surrounding parts of the furniture item are thickly varnished, and at times specks of gold leaf are mixed with the varnish. Such work is more or less an imitation of Japanese lacquer work, but is known as Vernis Martin because during the reign of Louis XV. the brothers Martin secured the exclusive right to make furniture varnished in this way, they claiming to have discovered the secret of making the lacquer used.

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Decorative Painted Wood Furniture Ideas

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