Tropical Woods

Tropical Woods


(Tectona grandis}. This grand wood should be known to every amateur joiner who aims at artistic work. Fine effects can be produced by its association with pale oak, with which it forms a pleasing contrast of colour. The best wood is of a yellowish-brown tint, and is straight-grained and easily worked. The tree grows to a large size in the forests of India, Burma, and Siam. When once seasoned it neither warps nor cracks ; and it contains an aromatic resinous substance which preserves the iron screws which enter it. We strongly recommend it to the attention of the amateur joiner, for it is neither a scarce nor an expensive wood in the market.


{Cedrela toona). This is an Indian wood worthy of the amateur joiner's attention. The tree grows plentifully in Bengal and other districts of India. It grows to an immense size, a single tree having been known to yield 80,000 feet of fine timber. The wood somewhat resembles mahogany wood, and is light and durable. It takes a high finish, and is in every way very suitable for furniture and joinery.

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Tropical Woods

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