White Pine Wood

White Pine Wood

(Pinus strobus). This fine and valuable North American wood is known in the United States as "white pine", and in England as "yellow pine". It is unsurpassed for joinery where a hard wood is not necessary; and, accordingly, it is of all woods the best for the amateur joiner to commence practice with. It can be easily procured of any required dimensions, perfectly straight-grained, and free from knots or other imperfections; and the finest quality, known as "brights", should be selected.


The wood is light, soft, and easily worked, and glues well. When freshly cut, it is of a pale straw colour, but becomes considerably deeper in tint, inclining to a brownish-yellow, when exposed for some time to light and air. The annual rings are not distinctly marked; but their direction, indicating the manner in which the deal has been cut from the tree, can be distinctly traced. The finest wood has a clear, silky surface when newly planed, and commonly shows short, detached, hair-like streaks running in the direction of the grain, caused by the cutting of the medullary rays. This class of wood is in all respects suited for articles of furniture which are to be painted, or simply varnished and, perhaps, decorated by means of stencilling. It should not be employed for articles subject to hard usage.

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White Pine Wood

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