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Although it is not likely that any one who seeks the aid of this manual will be altogether unacquainted with the proper use of the ordinary, general joiner's and furniture making tools, it is necessary, in enumerating the several tools that the amateur will require in such work as he is likely to undertake, for us to describe them and how to use them sufficiently for all practical purposes. We may remark, however, that it would be highly desirable for the amateur, who is not thoroughly acquainted with the correct manner of holding and manipulating such tools, to seek a few lessons from an experienced joiner, especially in the correct way of using the several saws and planes. We again advise this simple course, because it is practically impossible to teach in words exactly how such tools should be held and applied to secure satisfactory results.

In the following particulars we shall enumerate the full complement of the several kinds of tools necessary for the expeditious execution of good and workmanlike joinery, leaving it to the judgment of the amateur to decide which, and how many, tools he will require for the class of work he intends to undertake. As his skill and requirements increase, he can add to his equipment until his workshop presents a very complete appearance. As good work can only be executed with good tools, we strongly advise the amateur to purchase those of the best quality; and, above all, to keep them in perfect working condition from the hour in which they are first sharpened and used. A good workman should take as much pride in his tools as in the work they produce.

In addition to the more important tools described in the following pages, the following regular tools will be required, which call for no description.
Two hammers, one large and one small. Two screwdrivers, one medium and one small. One mallet of medium weight. One rule, two feet long. One straightedge, preferably of steel, about two feet long. One oilstone, large size "Washita" or "India". One spokeshave, small with straight cutter. One glue pot, copper, one-pint size.

It is, of course, understood that the amateur is provided with a properly appointed joiner's bench, not less than four feet in length ; and, in addition to it, the following simple appliances will be found practically indispensable. These can be easily procured ready made; but if the amateur is skilled in the use of the saws and planes he can readily construct them. To enable him to do so, we give the accompanying illustrations, briefly describing the same.


There are nine saws in common use in the hands of carpenters and joiners, but of these the following are the only ones necessary in the production of such articles of furniture as are illustrated in the plans of this manual: hand saws, tenon saws, dovetail saws, and compass, table, keyhole & bow saws.

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