Tenon Saws

Tenon Saws

The tenon saw, which is of the form shown in the picture, is, as its name implies, commonly used for cutting tenons, but is equally useful for cutting any small work either across or along the grain. It will be seen in the illustration that it has a bar along its back : this is a folded piece of iron or brass, necessary to prevent the saw from buckling while being used. The available blade measures about 14 inches long and 4 inches broad, and has, as a rule, from nine to twelve teeth to the inch.

Tenon Saw

In using this saw, the handle must be firmly grasped, so as to give full command of the blade while cutting. At the commencement of the cut, the handle end must be held slightly raised, so that the entry of the saw may be made with its front end; after which the blade may be gradually brought to the horizontal position. In cutting a tenon lengthwise, the piece of wood must be fixed vertically in the bench-vise. In completing the tenon, by cross-cutting away the side pieces, the piece must be laid flat on the bench, and held against the bench-stop, or adjusted to the square cut in a mitre box. The latter is more likely to favour accurate cutting in the hands of an inexperienced amateur. Tenon saws are properly used in the mitre-box. The teeth of this saw have a very slight set.

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Tenon Saws

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