Compass, Table, Keyhole & Bow Saws

Compass, Table, Keyhole & Bow Saws

Compass Saws

This is a saw, having a long, narrow, and tapered blade, used for cutting curves of any description, and of a sufficient size to suit the width of the blade. The amateur will find it extremely useful for cutting many of the outlines and perforations shown in the designs given in the plans of this manual. There are two other saws somewhat similar in form but different in size ; namely:

Table Saws & Keyhole Saws

In the former the blade is broader and in the latter narrower than that of the compass saws. Keyhole saws are, as their name implies, used in cutting small openings.

Bow Saws

Bow Saw

The usual and convenient form of this tool is shown in the accompanying picture. Bow saws, which are a very thin, narrow, and straight ribbon of steel, very finely toothed, is stretched in a frame, the necessary strain of which is imparted, by a twisted loop of strong cord, in the simple manner indicated. This saw is very useful in cutting small curves or ornamental openings, which are usually started from a brace-bit hole. To insert the saw, the bow is loosened to allow one end of the blade to be removed from its holder, passed through the hole, again attached to its holder, and strained by the twisting of the cord. When this is done, the blade is turned, by means of its two handles, in the direction required, and the cutting is proceeded with. The bow is held by the larger handle.

For the proper sharpening and setting of saws no directions of a sufficient nature can be given in words: and as a saw can be easily injured, by ignorant hands, in these important matters, the amateur must seek direct instructions from a proficient workman.

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Compass, Table, Keyhole & Bow Saws

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