Match & Beading Planes

Match & Beading Planes

Match Planes

This useful tool, in its best form, as made by the Stanley Rule and Level Company, is entirely of iron and steel, and is reversible. It is termed the double end match plane ; it cuts the tongue with one side, and, by reversing ends, it cuts the groove to match with the other side : it has double handles and all necessary adjustments. It is made in three sizes - for boards three-eighths of an inch, five-eighths of an inch, and seven-eighths of an inch thick. This plane is only required in the jointing of match-boarding, such as is used in the back-boarding of the free bookcase plans shown in Plate IV., and the sideboard hutch plans shown in Plates XX. and XXL In using this plane, the boards, previously dressed, have to be securely fixed in the bench-vise, and the tongue or groove formed by carefully running the plane along the edge, holding its side-guide closely against the finished face of the board.

Beading Planes

The beading plane is used for forming small beads along grooved and tongued joints, as shown in the picture below. It may be obtained, in its simplest form, suitable for a bead about one-quarter of an inch in diameter. To produce a clean bead, care must be taken to run the plane with the grain of the wood.

Tongue & Groove Joints

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Match & Beading Planes

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