Rebate & Moulding Planes

Rebate & Moulding Planes

Rebate Planes

These are useful planes, used for sinking rebates in the edges of boards. We strongly advise the amateur to purchase the Stanley Improved rebate plane : it lies flat on either side, and can be used right or left hand while planing to corners or up against perpendicular surfaces.

Moulding Planes

There are numerous planes used for running mouldings, but the amateur need only acquire those necessary for his immediate requirements. The advanced workman, who can afford it, should purchase the Stanley Patent Universal "55" Plane. The regular equipment supplied with this plane comprises 52 cutters arranged in four separate wooden cases: an additional set, of 41 special cutters, is regularly made. With the complete line of cutters there is practically no end to the variety of work which can be done with this tool. As the makers say : "No. "55" Plane is 10 inches long, and weighs only 7 ¾ lbs. (with 93 cutters 11 lbs.), and replaces a full line of 93 Fancy Planes weighing probably 90 lbs., thus justifying the name UNIVERSAL given it". It is certainly a tool of marvellous resources.

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Rebate & Moulding Planes

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