Mortising Tools : Chisels

Mortising Tools : Chisels

Mortising Chisels

Gouge Chisel

Two forms of mortising chisels are shown in the picture. The larger one is suitable for deep mortises, and is driven with a mallet while held vertically to the surface of the wood. It is made of different widths to suit the size of the required mortise. The small one is suitable for cutting out or clearing small mortises which may have been previously bored in the manner indicated in the picture on that page. It may not require the application of the mallet unless it has to cut the mortise entirely itself, and in some hard wood.

Gouge Chisels

This is a chisel tool with a segmental cutting-edge, and of the form shown in the picture at right. Tools like this are sharpened in two ways; namely, with the ground slope outside, as indicated in the picture, or inside. When required for cutting hollows or grooves, the outside-ground gouge must be employed : but when required for paring any curved perforation, the inside-ground gouge must be used. Like the chisel, the gouge is made in several widths ; and, in addition, it is formed to arcs of circles of different radii.

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Mortising Tools : Chisels

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