Woodworking Hand Brace & Bits

Woodworking Hand Brace, Bits, & Gimlets


As the amateur in wood joining will have to use the brace and bits very frequently in the construction of numerous articles of furniture which are within his powers, he should be careful to procure them of good quality, selecting a brace that works easily and is fitted with ready means of receiving and tightly holding the bits. The form of the brace illustrated in the picture below is in every way satisfactory : its easy working is secured by the ball-bearing in its head (indicated in the small section) and the easy fitting of its handle. It is also furnished with ratchet gear on the spindle, which permits the tool to be used in confined positions where the entire sweep cannot be made: the convenience of this the amateur joiner will quickly realise. We strongly recommend the vintage Stanley Box Ratchet brace, No. 919, having a 10 inch sweep. In addition to its chief use in boring, the brace is a valuable tool when employed as a screwdriver, especially when numerous screws have to be driven. By its use in this direction much time and labour are saved.


Brace Bits

The amateur should procure a set of vintage C, E. Jennings twist bits, which are made in graduated sizes - from ¼ inch to 1 inch. The accompanying illustration, below, shows a set of eleven of these bits, up to one inch in diameter; a Clarke expansive bit ; two special gimlet bits ; and a sharpening file: all are conveniently contained in a wooden case, and, accordingly, are preserved from injury. In addition, the amateur should obtain three or four spoon bits, a countersink bit, and a screw-driver bit, all of which will be found to be practically indispensable.

Brace Bits


The boring tools should be completed by the addition of three or four gimlets, of different sizes, and of the twist pattern shown in the picture; and three brad awls of different sizes, and of the best quality.

Gimlet Tool

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