Mortise & Marking Gauges

Mortise & Marking Gauges

Two gauges are absolutely necessary; namely the marking gauge and the mortise gauge. The best shape of the former is shown in the picture below. It is the Stanley gauge, No. 165 ; and has, in addition to its scale of six inches, which enables its marking-point to be accurately set to any dimension (when the position of its head is reversed), a most ingenious appliance which enables it to be used. on convex or concave edges: the small section, with the dotted lines, shows how this is accomplished.

Marking Gauge

The mortise gauge is shown in the picture below. It has one fixed and one movable marking-point, enabling it to be set to the width of the mortise, and to the distance of the same from the edge of the piece to be mortised. The vintage Stanley gauge, No. 71, combines both the single-marking and the double-marking tools, being furnished with two sliding bars, one of which is graduated in inches: this is a very complete and handy tool.

Mortise Gauges

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Mortise & Marking Gauges

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