Woodworking Squares : Try & Mitre Square

Woodworking Squares : Try & Mitre Square

Info on how to use try and mitre squares for woodworking.

This handy tool, the try square, is absolutely indispensable, being called into play at almost every stage of the simplest woodworking processes. It is desirable that the amateur joiner should possess two squares, one having a blade 4 inches long, for ordinary edge-squaring and small work, and the other, having a blade 12 inches long, for squaring and marking planks or broad surfaces and ends.

Try Square

The mitre square tool is also of great use in marking and testing mitre joints. Though not indispensable to the joiner who possesses a mitre box and mitre shooting board it is a very desirable tool when accurate woodworking and joining work is aimed at. It is very useful in marking angles of 450 correctly.

Mitre Square

The marking awl is a desirable tool to use with the squares ; and, indeed, for general marking purposes.

Marking Awl

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Woodworking Squares : Try & Mitre Square

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