Workshop Shooting Board

Workshop Shooting Board

A shooting board consists of two carefully dressed pine boards, one fastened on the face of the other in the manner indicated in the picture. The lower board projects 4 inches in advance of the edge of the upper, so as to form the bed for the shooting-plane to rest upon. The upper board, about 9 inches broad, is furnished with a stop, against which the wood rests while its edge is being "shot".

Simple as this appliance is, it is very convenient, enabling an edge to be dressed perfectly straight and square. In the process of shooting an edge, the board is firmly held by the left hand against the stop, and with its edge projecting about one-thirty-second of an inch; then the shooting-plane (usually the fore-plane), laid on its side, is moved steadily along its bed by the right hand, cutting in its progress a shaving from the projecting edge of the board.

This is repeated until its edge is brought to the edge of the shooting board, when it will be found straight and die-square. A little practice will make this simple process both easy and certain ; and the amateur will find it of great assistance in all branches of his work. The shooting board may be made of any length, but should not be less than three feet.

Shooting Board

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Workshop Shooting Board

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